Here are the seven puppies at eight weeks, three days old, after trashing their pen!

March 21st - Here are the puppies at a couple of  days old.  They are putting on weight and Ruby is doing really well looking after them.

Pippa, (Anwen's One Way or Another) is seen here relaxing in her new home.  Thank you to the Stephenson's for the photo, and we wish you all the best as you welcome Pippa in to your family.

March 19th - Ruby gave birth to seven beautiful puppies today!  She and her babies are doing very well - photos to follow! 

​We were delighted to achieve a Group First with Ralph, Anwen's One More Chance, at the Comox Valley Kennel Club show on 13th June.  Well done, Ralphie!

Here is Rosie, Anwen's One And Only relaxing at her new home in Oregon.  Many thanks to the Snyder family for the photo, and for giving Rosie such a loving home.

What a great couple of days at the Glacier View Dog show in Courtenay!   On Tuesday, Rosie won Best Baby Puppy in Show and on Wednesday, it was Ralph's turn to win a rosette, with Best Baby Puppy in Group.  So proud of these two puppies! 

​Weaning has begun!  The puppies enjoy their new food followed by a nice drink of milk from mom.  They are barking, growling, playing, wrestling and experiencing new things, like going outside for a few minutes or galloping across the kitchen floor!

May 19th - we said goodbye to Charlie, Anwen's Stars Are Out Tonight.  Thanks to the Masell family for the photo of Charlie, wishing you all the best.

April 18th -  A very happy birthday to the 'One' litter who are a year old today!

Ruby had her nine puppies  in the early hours of 21st November.  She did a terrific job and is busy looking after her babies.

June 2016 - Lucy, Anwen's The Prettiest Star, relaxing in the typical Welsh pose!

April 2nd - Puppies are two weeks old now and getting bigger every day.  Their eyes are just starting to open.

​The puppies are now two weeks old and they are doing very well.  Their eyes are just starting to open and they are trying out their legs!  

​Tucker, enjoying a day at the lake.

March 19th 2017 - Happy first birthday to the "Stars" litter.  Hope you had fun with your families.

August 2016 - Lucy (Anwen's Prettiest Star) spent some of her summer at the lake, which she thoroughly enjoyed!  Thanks to the Frame family for the photo.

Here is Brynn, (Anwen's Still The One)  who was the first puppy from the litter to go to her new home.  She is settling in well and making friends with the family cat.  Thanks to the Mayoh family for the photo.

February 2015 - Long-awaited litter plans to go ahead!  Ruby and Tucker (Ch. Statesman's Won Awesome Dude) had a Valentine's date, and all being well, puppies are expected in April.   Tucker is owned and loved by Susan and Dave Stevens of Victoria, BC.

June 2016 - This is Flynn (Anwen's Shining Star) having fun on a sunny day!

​​May 9th - OK where did those weeks go?  The puppies are great and it won't be long before they are going to their new homes.  They love being outside, playing and running.  Their big brother Ralph helps his mom Ruby to babysit - so fun to watch!

June 2016 - Crash (Anwen's Stars Crashing Down) after experiencing his first swim in the lake!

​June 19th 2016, Ralph obtained in last points towards his CKC Championship and is now CH. Anwen's One More Chance.  We were also pleased to place first in the Sporting Group for the Breeder/Owner/Handler class. 

April 10th - Ruby had her X-Ray today and she has definitely six puppies, with possibly one more hiding behind the others!  She is doing great;  eating her 'special' mommy diet, resting well and getting used to her new whelping box.  

September 2017 - Ruby and Ralph enjoyed their first Barn Hunt experience and both earned their RATI title.  Ruby placed first in one of  the legs of her Novice Class.  

Whilst in Oregon, Rosie  is having fun in the park!

This is Finnegan (Anwen's One of These Nights)  who is enjoying meeting lots of  new people and is doing very well in puppy class.  Thanks to the Sanderson family for the photo and  for giving Finnegan such a wonderful home.


June 2016 - This is Enzo, Anwen's I Point The Stars, on a walk with his new family. Thanks to the Quaglia family for the photo and we wish you all the best with your new addition!

Pippa enjoying a fresh downfall of snow in New Brunswick .......

The puppies are now seven weeks old and loving life!  The beautiful weather we've been having has enabled them to spend lots of time outside exploring and playing.  Gradually we've been increasing their food and leaving it a bit drier every few days so they can learn to crunch their way through it.  They really are a lot of fun!

August 2016 - Wow! How grown up Crash (Anwen's Stars Crashing Down) looks!  He is enjoying hiking and swimming with his family and gets a lot of attention where ever he goes!  Thanks to the Wallace family for the photo.

​August 2017 - Flynn (Anwen's Shining Star) had a great time at the Saskatoon Kennel and Obedience Club  show. In only his second conformation show, he achieved a Group Second, Group Third and Group Fourth and is well on his way to becoming a Champion. Well done Flynn!

February 27th - March 1st 2015. The Victoria City Kennel Club show at Duncan, BC  proved to be successful for Ruby where she gained three BOWs and became a CKC Champion.  We were also immensely pleased when Tucker won Best of Breed on all three days and is now a CKC Grand Champion.  Way to go, Tucker!

May 18th - Here is Flynn, Anwen's Shining Star, relaxing at his new home!  Thank you to the Ens family for the photo, we are sure you are going to have lots of fun with your new boy!

August 2016 - Flynn, Anwen's Shining Star, had a busy summer - he took part in his first conformation show, tried a barn hunt, completed puppy class (where he excelled on some agility stations) AND went camping!  Way to go, Flynn!  Thanks to the Ens family for giving Flynn these opportunities.

June 2016 -Here is Rosie (Anwen's One and Only) having fun on the beach in beautiful Oregon.

April 18th - Ruby had her puppies!  She has three girls and two boys and they are all doing very well.  We are keeping her well fed with lots of yummy food, with plenty to drink.  The puppies are putting on weight and seem to be growing in front of our eyes!

Anwen Welsh Springer Spaniels

​Black Creek, BC

March 2016 - Here is Ralph (Anwen's One More Chance)  at a show where he placed 2nd in the Juvenile Sweepstakes.  Way to go, Ralphie!

Crash, Anwen's Stars Crashing Down, went to live with his new family recently and they sent this picture of him playing with his new buddy, Kodiak.  Best wishes to the Wallace's as they welcome Crash in to their family.

April 18th 2017 - The "One" litter turns two!  Happy birthday pups!

Here is Brynn (Anwen's Still the One) relaxing at home with her buddy.  The second picture is after she has had fun on a play-date with Ralph!

January 2017 - This is Flynn (Anwen's Shining Star) having fun over the Christmas holidays.  He is getting ready to do some barn hunts, tracking and conformation shows this year.  Thanks to the Ens family for the photo.

May 22nd - Here is Lucy, Anwen's The Prettiest Star, in her new home making friends with her 'brother' Rundle.  Best wishes to the Frame family as they welcome Lucy in to their family.

March 2016 - ​Rosie, Anwen's One and Only, loves playing ball!

​​Had to add this photo of Miss Pippa (Anwen's One Way or Another) in one of her favourite places, where she can keep an eye on her family in the kitchen!  Thanks to the Stephenson family for the photo.

We are glad to report that we have heard back from most of the owners of the "One" litter that their OFA tests came back 'excellent', 'good' and 'normal' in regards to their hips, elbows and thyroids.

welsh springer spaniel