April - we took Anna to Bainbridge Island, WA for a Welshie playdate with other dogs from the Pacific Northwest.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself and it was great to see so many other Welsh Springer Spaniels!

                 Anna (left) and Luna

With the 'Rain' litter turning two in November 2019, we are glad to report that we have received great OFA results - all have tested 'excellent' for their hips and 'good' for their elbows.  More details on OFA testing can be found on their website (www.ofa.org) where each dog tested is entered on to their database.

​Anna, taking a breather!

Puppies from the 'Moon' litter all went to their new homes at the beginning of May.  We look forward to seeing what they can achieve with their new owners.

Morgan (Anwen's Ever Seen the Rain) getting ready for a haircut from his mom.

Ruby ( Ch. Statesman's Pretty in Pink) celebrating the summer solstice.


Ruby did an excellent job of raising her nine puppies and we loved seeing them grow and develop their personalities.  They began going to their new homes in January and by all accounts are enjoying their time with their new families.  

Here is handsome Morgan, Anwen's Ever Seen the Rain, enjoying time by the water.  

August 2018 - Campbell River Dog Fanciers Society Dog Show - Anna (Anwen's Summer Rain) and her sister Luna (Anwen's Rainbow Dash) competed at the show.  It was extremely warm, and both dogs did so well, with Anna taking a point each of the two days towards her Championship.  They were so happy to get to play after their time in the ring!

The 'Rain' litter turned three on 21st November.  Anna enjoyed her 'cake'!

​Luna (Anwen's Rainbow Dash) ​ took part in another scent trial in early July 2019 and got her Advanced Containers and Advanced  Exterior sections (also getting first place in Exterior!).  Way to go Luna! 

November 21st - A happy first birthday to all the "Rain" puppies!  

We were so pleased to see Anna (Anwen's Summer Rain) get a Group Four placing at the Comox Valley  Kennel Club show on  11th June 2019.

Moss (Anwen's Rainforest Love) wondering why he's not allowed on the couch yet.

August 2018 - Anna had play dates with her brothers Moss Anwens's Rainforest Love) and Morgan (Anwen's Ever Seen the Rain) at the beach!  They had a great time.

Anwen Welsh Springer Spaniels

​Black Creek, BC

This is Brynn (Anwen's Still The One) enjoying a forest walk.

Another achievement for Flynn (Anwen's Shining Star)!  He passed his Scent Detection Instinct, then went on to pass Novice Containers and Interiors.  Congratulations!

Cedar (Statesman's Awesome Solstice) taking it easy in the sun.

March 9th - a big congratulations to Luna (Anwen's Rainbow Dash) who achieved the title of SDDA  (Sporting Detection Dog Association) Started, by getting all three components at her first trial.  She is the first Welsh Springer Spaniel in Canada to get this title!

Flynn (Anwen's Shining Star) enjoying a special birthday treat and getting his party on.

​​Here are some Spring 2020 photos of some of our Anwen pups!

March 19th - Happy third birthday to the 'Stars' litter!

Finnegan (Anwen's One of These Nights) pondering life half way up the stairs.

June - We attended Nanaimo Kennel Club show and Anna placed third in Sweepstakes in her age group.  At  the show, we also had her eyes tested and are pleased to report that her CAER test is 'normal'.  Below, Anna, seven months.

Ralph (Ch. Anwen's One More Chance) got to go camping locally this summer.

April 19th saw the 'One' litter turning three.  Happy birthday!

The 'One' litter turned five on 18th April.  How time has flown since we welcomed our first Welshie litter!

October - so pleased that Ralph (Anwen's One More Chance) gained his Tracking Dog  title held here in the Comox Valley by the Forbidden Plateau Tracking and Obedience Club.  

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February 26th 2021 - Anna whelped eight beautiful puppies, four girls and four boys!  She is doing an excellent job of looking after them and they are growing every day!

Anna (Anwen's Summer Rain) stopping to smell the .... hydrangas.

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...and here he is after the show enjoying a well-deserved ice cream!

                  Moss (left) and Anna                                                                      Anna (left) and Morgan

Lucy (Anwen's The Prettiest Star) relaxing after her birthday celebrations.

April 18th - Happy fourth birthday to Ralph and his brother and sisters from the 'One' litter.

This has been a very challenging year for everybody with the Covid19 pandemic halting many activities and plans.  CKC conformation shows were cancelled for most of the year, with us only attending one early in the spring.  Some activities were able to go ahead after revision for health safety and we're glad to report that two Anwen dogs got their CKC Novice Scent titles - Luna (Anwen's Rainbow Dash) and Flynn (Ch. Anwen's Shining Star).  Well done to both of them and their owners!

Here are some photos from the summer and fall.

May - we travelled down to Pomona, California for the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America National with Ruby, Ralph and Anna all showing in their classes.  Anna obtained a first in her 6-9 puppy bitch class on both the days we were entered and they all did us proud.  On the way back, we visited a couple of the State Parks on the Oregon coast and the dogs got to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Winter 2018-2019 - We had some snow in January and February which the dogs enjoyed!

Here is Flynn who achieved a Group Four placing at the Saskatoon Kennel and Obedience Club show on Monday 2nd August 2019, which means he is a Canadian Champion!  He is now CH. Anwen's Shining Star.  Congratulations Flynn and Sara!

Anna (Anwen's Summer Rain) now has her health tests completed - CERF Eyes 'normal', OFA hips 'excellent', OFA elbows 'good' and OFA thyroid  'normal'.

March 19th - Happy Second birthday to the 'Stars' litter!  Hope they all had a great birthday with their families!

Lucyy (Anwen's The Prettiest Star) on her way home from the groomers.  She really is a pretty star!

Happy birthday to the 'Stars' litter  who turned four on  March 19th!

welsh springer spaniel