Anwen Welsh Springer Spaniels

​Black Creek, BC

​"The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog."  M K Clinton


​​​Are you interested in an Anwen puppy?  We do not keep a waiting list until a breeding has taken place.  When this has happened -

​Please follow the steps below and help us determine whether one of our puppies would be a good match for you.

1. Fill out the Puppy Questionnaire.

2. Read the sample contracts - one is for pet ownership and one is for show/breeding prospect ownership.

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4.  I will follow up with a phone call and we can talk your expectations of an Anwen puppy and my expectations of you, as an owner of one of our puppies.  This is a great chance to get to know each other and discuss any other questions you may have.

The Welsh SPringer Spaniel Experience

Welsh Springer Spaniels may not be for everyone and may not be a good candidate in an inexperienced first dog situation or for those with a hectic lifestyle.  Owning a dog is an important decision to make and reading up on the breed and filling out our questionnaire may help you decide if a Welsh Springer will make a good addition to your family.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel makes an excellent companion for both families and hunters. He is merry, active, affectionate, gentle, loyal and loving. He is also impulsive, mischievous, and, some would say, stubborn. He will stick to you and follow you everywhere you go, hence the nickname 'Velcro Dog'! You will never go anywhere alone again, and that includes the bathroom. He is demanding of your attention and loves to be with his people. This is a high (or very high) energy dog and can run all day. They need vigorous daily exercise: both physically and mentally. They love to jog, run, hike and swim. Not only are they excellent working dogs, but they also enjoy obedience, tracking, retrieving and agility. A Welsh Springer will bark if he wants to call your attention to something that they think you should be aware of,  a tiny morsel of  lost food until you move the couch so that they can get to it, for example!. They will certainly alert you if someone is at the door.  Reserved with strangers, but rarely showing aggression toward them, they are more likely to 'woof ' at the front and 'wag' at the back!  They are almost always friendly toward other people and dogs, and do very well with respectful children. These dogs are intelligent and benefit greatly from obedience training and respond very well to it: it is strongly recommended that this is started at a young age. They love to know what is going on outside, whether they have to spend all day standing on their hind legs or pushing their nose up against the sliding glass door. Their preferred position is on the back of a sofa with a nice big window to view the passing world! These strong, devoted, entertaining dogs will keep you busy. They  love to play in the water, whether it's the ocean, swimming pool or mud puddle. In everything they do, Welsh Springer Spaniels celebrate life.

The Details

​Males measure 18-19 in (46-48 cm) at the shoulder and females will be 17-18 in (43-46 cm). They should weigh between 35-50 lbs (16-22 kg). 

The silky coat is straight, thick and medium-length and is self-cleaning that does not tend to mat. The legs, chest and underside of the body are moderately feathered. Ears and tail are lightly feathered.  The coat is a rich red and white in colour.   Any pattern is acceptable. They will more often than not sport 'freckles' on their face and legs. They do shed and this can be somewhat managed with regular brushing.  If you want your WSS to look neat and tidy, trimming the hair on the ears, neck and feet can be performed on a monthly basis.  Unlike several other types of spaniel breed, they are not prone to ear infections.

They tend to live 12-14 years and although they often only see their vet at vaccination time, there are some inherited health problems in the breed.  Hip and elbow dysplasia has been a problem, but with careful breeding plans and regular testing this issue is being greatly reduced.  Hypothyroidism is another disorder which is being gradually eliminated, again through regular testing. Through the sharing of information and the openness of breeders reporting their results it is hoped that incidences of these disorders will become a thing of the past.

There is at least one type of inherited epilepsy, which, unfortunately, is a severe form, but the incidence is low.  Welsh do have a few inner eye anomalies, and there is some incidence of entropion and/or distichia.  Also, it is not uncommon for Welsh to have juvenile or developmental entropion, which they outgrow as their head matures.  Some Welsh suffer from flea bite allergies or other inhalant, contact, or food allergies.  Providing a flea free environment should be basic to every Welsh Springer's needs. 

With their traditional hunting history, Welsh Springers respond well to training - they love to please you.  They respond best to firm but not rough training being a somewhat sensitive breed and training a puppy can start as soon as it joins your family.  Before the puppy arrives home do some research and ask around about puppy kindergarten, socialisation and obedience classes.  It is important to expose the puppy to as many different situations as possible, so that it can develop a coping mechanism to changes in environment and will grow up to be a confident dog. Books can also be a great resource to prepare the family and dip in to as and when needed.  As well as "How to Train a Puppy You can Live With" (part of the puppy pack we provide) other helpful books are: - "Good Dogs, Great Owners" by Brian Kilcommons, "Purely Positive Obedience" by Sheila Booth and, if there are children in the family, "Child-proofing Your Dog" again by Brian Kilcommons.

Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies can be full of mischief and energy and keeping up with them can be exhausting.  With the belief that 'a tired puppy is a good puppy' it is important to provide adequate exercise and to stimulate their mind.  Although, of course, leash walking is excellent for both exercise and training, it is vital that they also get the chance for free running exercise to release that puppy energy and to develop physically and mentally.

It is our goal to produce happy, healthy, well adjusted puppies that will provide years of love and companionship to your family.  

I am a member of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America - ​ and the Canadian Kennel Club -

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