Anwen Welsh Springer Spaniels

​Black Creek, BC


We are Colin and Deryn Barnes, Breeders of Welsh Springer Spaniels and we live in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC.  The area is home to organic farms and small holdings, wineries and artisans, not to mention the unlimited walking trails and beaches for us to explore with our dogs Cedar, Ralph and Anna.

We are lucky enough to live on five acres where the dogs can explore and play and, of course, 'help' with the chores.  They love nothing better than to spend time with the family be it outside or curled up next to us in the evening.  

My first  Welsh Springer was a family pet obtained in 1978 and she was a loving, gentle girl.  So, it was greatly rewarding that this breed became such an important part of my life again with the addition of Cedar, Ruby and then Ralph who is from Ruby's first litter of puppies.  In 2018 we welcomed Anna, a puppy from Ruby's third and final litter.  We are looking forward to seeing what this sweet girl can achieve!

"Welsh Starters' as they were first known, have been used for hunting for many centuries and were originally used in conjunction with falcons to 'spring' the game.  Not until 1902 did the Welsh Springer Spaniel officially become a breed recognised by The Kennel Club and in 1906 the American Kennel Club followed suit. Still used for hunting, they also excel in agility, as well as conformation, rally, obedience, tracking and nosework.  It is not unusual to see them becoming Canine Good Citizens and therapy dogs.

Welsh Springers are a medium sized dog; energetic, willing to please and affectionate, they make great companions. See `Further Information` for more details.



welsh springer spaniel